Here are a few things you might have heard

about video poker,

but are not necessarily true..


Q - If you look for pay tables that pay better than others you increase your chance to win?
A - It's all about cycles, if a machine is off cycle it doesn't matter what the pay table says.

Q -
Is there a 98% payback on certain machines?
A - Paybacks are calculated over long periods of time, you can't play that long.

Q -
Are the Video Poker cards randomly dealt?
A - Vegas doesn't deal with random figures, they work with odds, odds that are in their favor, who do you think pays for the lights?

Q -
Are your chances of winning at video poker really better than other video games?
A - Again, the odds are calculated in favor of the house, if anything you might have a slight edge if you play higher denominations, but you can lose faster too.

Look at This Test

Here's a test I did to prove that one game doesn't have an edge over another.

Some people feel the odds are better playing a less risky video poker game such as bonus poker, compared to double double bonus poker, this just isn't so.

The Test - I played 500 hands of bonus poker @ 5 cents, then I played 500 hands of double double bonus poker @ 5 cents.

The Results - The most frequently hit hands are 2 pair, 3 of a kind up to a full house. Bonus poker pays a few coins better on some of these hands compared to db dbl bonus poker. So, what we are told is playing bonus poker makes your money last longer and you have a better chance of winning.

The following is just one test, but to make it simple I played 500 hands, counted how many hands payed back (includes break even hands) and then calculated my profit/loss after the last hand.

Bonus Poker        500 hands               86 payback hands                           P/L  +$17.65                   
Dbl Dbl Bonus     500 hands               72 payback hands                           P/L  +$21.40

As you can see, in this simple test, we hit more hands with the supposedly safer game, but we made more money with the riskier game, Why? Because the only thing that matters is if the game is paying, we also took out hitting a royal flush or 4 aces w/kicker because this leveled the playing field with the bonus pokers pay tables.

How To Win At Video Poker

I'd be telling you only half the story, like the casinos do, if I said you could win all the time, you can't. You can greatly increase you chances of winning and reduce your losses with the Right Strategy.

I've developed that strategy and will sell it to you - for only $10.00

Now you ask -  If it's so great why are you selling it for only $10.00 ?

I'll tell you why...

Why Not - Even if a million people use it successfully it won't hurt my winnings. If I thought in anyway by revealing my strategy it would cut into my profits I wouldn't even whisper a word to anyone, but it won't.

It's legal -  I'm just playing better than the "Average Loser". I don't mean this in a degrading way, all I mean is people won't take the time to learn a system that swings the odds in their favor. They know human nature, if you or I make a few thousand dollars here and there, do you think they care? Even the online casinos don't blink at these numbers, but to us it matters.

It's a Challenge - If I can help people have a better chance to make some extra bucks, have a good time and make a few extra bucks myself what's wrong with that?

Benefits - Most people just play, they might know a little about what cards to hold, but they still lose. Going in with a strategy protects you from:

1. Chasing your money.
2. Getting stuck on a COLD machine.
3. Control emotions (the worse habit..getting angry, overspending to get even, these types of emotional traps that make millions for the casinos).
4. Understanding the benefits of Short Sessions.

As you can see, the system I made is much different than just knowing what to hold and what to throw. Through observing players habits, and trying them out for myself, I was able to incorporate elements that most people think are trivial. The fact is if you put all these trivial things together, you shift the odds back in your favor, this translates into Winning

The Strategy

The strategy is 10 pages and 4 steps.

It's a pdf download file. 

It's all meat - no fluff,  simple to use.

Most strategies make you to think you need this complicated, brain twisting system to win, nonsense. You need a simple strategy that works. I play it, I use it.

A FreeTip

You are told that video poker has a 98% payback, if this is true it's a calculation over a long period of time. Nobody plays that long, so it really doesn't apply. The hook here is they want you to think that video poker is beatable, the fact is the longer you play the more the machine chips away at your money.

Add to this, if you go to the casino, the environment. The lights, sounds, free drinks, it is all meant to excite you, but also distract you at the same time. It's called stirring your emotions, you feel like you can't lose, when you do you get mad and do the ultimate no-no, chase your money.

All these things combined give the casinos an even bigger edge, it's called the Psychological Edge. This is where they really make their profits, this is their secret weapon.

Folks, it's all about making you feel good while they Get Your MONEY!!!!

Get Your Download Now!

You can download it anytime, 10 pages, no fluff, easy to use (pdf format) system.

I priced this video poker strategy @ $10.00 so there is no hassle, it's cheap, I don't have to worry about returns or guarantees.

Once you master the 4 steps you won't be playing like the "Average Loser" anymore, you will be thinking and playing like a winner.

The payment is through Paypal, a secure and reliable processor. The last page will have a link for Pdf Download, click it and wait. You will be connected to the system immediately.

Any questions (you shouldn't because it's easy to follow) or problems, shoot them over to, I'll answer any questions I can.

Get your copy of
 "The Real Players Video Poker Strategy"

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